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Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a living and faith filled parish, where all feel welcome and where a sense of belonging is fostered.

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Child Protection

As a Parish Community we endeavour to safeguard the children within our care, In this regard we have launched a Child Protection Policy and have posted our Statement in that regard on the notice boards in our three Churches and meeting rooms. Read more here....

  • Parish Gathering: 23rd Feb 2010

    The Second Parish Gathering

    Approximately 40 people (from religious communities in the parish as well as laity) attended the 2nd parish gathering.

    Following introductory prayers, those present were assembled into 6 random groups to consider how best to do something to achieve/implement a number of issues identified at the 1st gathering. Also considered was the distribution of ‘The Gospel of Luke’ that was specially published for the ‘Year of Evangelisation’. 3,200 copies have just been delivered to the parish.

    The Issues, questions and suggestions considered were as follows:

    1. How can a Parish of Ministries become a Ministering Parish:
      • ? How can we encourage more people to become involved.
    2. What could we do during the year as a Unit rather than separately:
      • ? How can we get the whole parish community to participate.
    3. How can we be a support to each other in trying to live our Faith:
      • ? Prayer Groups, Faith sharing group, in church and in the home.

    Suggestions (all questions taken together and suggestions as follows):
    1. When asking for volunteers at Mass, there should always be someone present who is appointed to take names and details of those willing to volunteer. Thereafter keep them informed as to when, where and for what they are needed.
    2. If volunteering for distribution of materials (e.g. leaflets, newsletters, St. Luke’s Gospel etc.), there should training/guidance so as to be enabled to cope with the variety of situations that might be encountered, be it welcome or rejection, hostility, fear, loneliness, awkward questions or whatever. It may be best to initially focus only on the delivery of materials rather than meeting, greeting and offering a welcome into our parish community. Cover note would always offer a welcome.
    3. Commit to no more than a maximum term (1, 2, 3 4 years or whatever is set down when seeking volunteers) so that it’s not left to the same few to keep the community running.
    4. Continue to encourage community singing at all the Masses, be lively but reverent and maybe at a level that all could feel able to participate.
    5. Have a member of the Pastoral Council speak about what’s happening on a regular basis at all the Masses (maybe after each meeting?)
    6. Ask parents of children being baptised (or receiving First Holy Communion) to help others to prepare and to participate in Church events. Equally encourage the children to bring in their artwork at the offertory (maybe what they have achieved with what they received at previous children’s Mass.
    7. Have some motivational speakers from time to time, e.g. recently returned volunteers who were involved in the likes of Haiti. This would generally be a humbling but also uplifting experience. Perhaps Mary Robinson, Gay Byrne, Fergal Quinn!
    8. Create a better social aspect for our community. Have the likes of a Parish Fair, Summer Picnic, Corpus Christi Procession. Have a parish ‘ecumenical event’, e.g. during Church Unity Octave, or a Carol Service at Christmas in the open (e.g. at Ballybrack crossroads).
    9. Broaden scope of activities to more than just ‘religion’ so as to encourage youth involvement, be it games, drama, quiz, singing etc.

    Also noted at the gathering was the following:

    18 people volunteered (covering 37 of the 89 locations identified on the parish map) to help with the delivery of ‘The Gospel of Luke’ (with Easter Pack) before Easter (probably mid March). It only 18 then it is likely that many locations would not receive their Easter Pack. An alternative approach might be to make the packs available for collection at each of our Churches, asking those present to take a few extra for handing onwards to their neighbours and friends in the parish.

    Linking Parishes: Future link will be Ballybrack with Shankill and Loughlinstown
    Newsletter: Needs input from all 3 Churches in our parish.

    A follow-up gathering will be held in May 2010.
  • Parish Gathering: 24th November 2009

    Approximately 50 people (from religious communities in the parish as well as laity) attended the gathering.

    Following introductory prayers, those present were assembled into 5 random groups to consider the following:

    As a whole parish made up of many parts, what do you see as?

    1. Our Strengths,
    2. Our Weaknesses,
    3. What if anything is missing,
    4. How can a Parish of Ministries become a Ministering Parish,
    5. What could we do during the year as a Unit rather than separately,
    6. How can we be a support to each other in trying to live our Faith 

    The Outcomes/responses/suggestions are as follows:

    1. Our Strengths:
      1. All social classes resident in the parish, our variety can be our strengths
      2. Very good schools
      3. Many Religious in the Parish to call upon, including dedicated priests
      4. St. Vincent de Paul / Legion of Mary
      5. Choir
      6. Radio link, Newsletter and website
      7. Mature, committed and concerned Christians, many good volunteers in all 3 churches
      8. Very good at giving (to V de P, church building fund, Share etc
      9. Size and spread of the Parish
      10. Good meeting rooms and Churches
      11. Welcome and friendship
    2. Our Weaknesses:
      1. Not good at embracing change
      2. Behaving like 3 separate Parishes in 3 Churches, lack of integration among congregations
      3. Losing contact with Youth (12 to 30 year age bracket)
      4. Lack of young people and not enough activities to encourage them to participate
      5. A scattered outer suburban Parish, no Nucleus
      6. Lack of Inviting Centre
      7. Parish Church is isolated
      8. Liturgically weak
      9. Lack of support for Priests, often too critical of them
      10. People of St. Stephen’s feel excluded, no baptisms there
    3. What if anything is missing:
      1. Lack of communication and structures that support interaction with the youth
      2. Co-ordinated celebration of the Sacraments
      3. Organisation of Groups for Adoration, prayer, music, choir, folk group
      4. A generation (12 to 50’s) or more not participating or involved. We are not reaching them
      5. 20 to 40 year old group who would better connect with the youth
      6. Social occasions
      7. Different opportunities to pray
      8. House visitation by lay people
      9. A good central meeting point
    4. How can a Parish of Ministries become a Ministering Parish:
      1. Neighbour masses and retreats
      2. Notice board for people who might provide useful services
      3. Once a month have only 1 mass in 1 Church
      4. Lay people visiting the housebound
      5. Facilitate communication / meetings between different Ministries, get to know each other
      6. Input and reflection on Ministries, focus on ‘reflection’
      7. More newsletter drops, making more people aware of what’s happening in the parish
      8. Focus more of existing groups in the Parish (Bethany, V de P, Baptism, L of M etc)
      9. Encourage more people to become involved
      10. Get to know your neighbours, particularly their needs
      11. Focus on needs of all, children and youth, middle, older and aged.
      12. By having more social gatherings, as well as prayer and other gatherings
    5. What could we do during the year as a Unit rather than separately:
      1. Have coffee mornings/evenings
      2. Have prayer groups / retreats / prayer links
      3. Have all primary school children together once a month for Mass
      4. A Parish Choir
      5. Meeting of Ministers and others involved in all 3 churches
      6. Picnic / Family day / Christmas Party
      7. Pray together, and pray for sick in the parish
      8. Corpus Christi Procession
      9. Senior Citizens Party, with youth to help
      10. Build on Marianist relationship with youth
      11. Ecumenical gathering / celebration of all Christian faiths in the parish
      12. Ask the whole parish community to participate
    6. How can we be a support to each other in trying to live our Faith:
      1. Prayer Groups, Faith sharing group,  in church and in the home
      2. Eucharistic adoration
      3. Visiting our neighbours
      4. Meet as a parish more often, review goals / progress and socially
      5. Hospitality committee, to welcome new people into our community
      6. Parish magazine (compilation of newsletter items and parish events)
      7. Circle of light, as for Advent with candles and Angelus
      8. Gathering of unemployed
      9. Lead by good example

    A follow-up gathering will be held in January or February 2010.

  • Fr Alex Conlan appointed as Parish Priest

    Fr Alex Conlan appointed as Parish Priest of Ballybrack & Killiney

    Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has appointed Fr Alex Conlan as Parish Priest of Ballybrack & Killiney.
    Fr Alex has taken up his appointment since the 1st September just past.

    Fr Alex, who is originally from Kilmacud, attended Kilmacud Primary School and Oatland College in Stillorgan.
    His late parents, Alec & Nuala Conlan, lived in Woodpark. Fr Alex has three sisters, two of whom live in Ballinteer Parish and one in Dundrum Parish.

    Fr Alex was ordained in Kilmacud Church in 1976 and his appointments were as follows:
    1976 to 1983 Curate in Ballbriggan.
    1983 to 1994 Curate in Lucan.
    1994 to 2003 Curate in Templegrainey, Avoca, Co. Wicklow
    2003 to 2008 Parish Priest in Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow.
    September 2008 Parish Priest in Ballybrack & Killiney.

    Fr Alex's can be seen out and about the parish - he always has a smile and a kind word.

    We offer him our congratulations and wish him every success in his new Parish of Ballybrack & Killiney.

Hall Rental

The Parish have meeting rooms and halls available for low rent to groups or organisations.
More information;
Parish Office 282 2657
Fr. Alex Conlan P.P. 282 6404

Care & Support