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Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a living and faith filled parish, where all feel welcome and where a sense of belonging is fostered.

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Child Protection

As a Parish Community we endeavour to safeguard the children within our care, In this regard we have launched a Child Protection Policy and have posted our Statement in that regard on the notice boards in our three Churches and meeting rooms. Read more here....

Little Sisters of the Assumption


Our Congregation was founded in 1865 in France at the beginning of industrialisation by Fr. Etienne Pernet an Assumptionist, and Antoinette Fage, with the aim of procuring the Glory of God through the regeneration of the Family, particularly families under stress.  Our Motto is “Thy Kingdom Come”.  Our Founder envisaged this coming about by our service to all peoples of all nationalities, race and cultures.  From small beginnings we are now in 24 countries, in all continents. 

We came to Ireland in 1891 and our first foundation was in Dublin .  We at present have 14 houses in Dublin.  Our second foundation in 1899 was in Cork and later on came Belfast, Limerick and Galway.  Our Founder’s vision was to serve people at their own level – going into their homes and  caring for the mothers and children – supporting parents in times of difficulties and stress.  The needs of families have varied over the years and we strive to adapt our service to their current needs.  For example training and development courses for women and the development and welfare of children.  Our skills are holistic and grounded in the areas of General Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Social Science, Physiotherapy, Catechetics and Counselling.

We came here to Ballybrack in 1978, coming from a bigger convent on York Road in Dun Laoghaire.  At times we are affectionately referred to as the “York Road Nuns” and many people in this area who have lived in Dun Laoghaire will remember the Sisters.  However, the move came about for a lot of reasons, primarily because many young families had come to live in this area in the late 1970’s because of the houses being built here.  We were eight in number when we first came to Ballybrack; at present we are four in number. 

We are affected, as many Congregations are, with falling numbers, no new people joining, as well as the changing role of women in society.  However, we still believe in the relevance of our charism in trying to meet the needs of people today in the 21st century.  Our spirituality comes from a devotion to the Eucharist, and the Mass.  Our Founder’s wish was that through our service “All hearts and minds would be united in truth and Charity”.  

Further Reading available here...http://www.assomption-psa.org/ang/1-home.php


Hall Rental

The Parish have meeting rooms and halls available for low rent to groups or organisations.
More information;
Parish Office 282 2657
Fr. Alex Conlan P.P. 282 6404

Care & Support