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Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a living and faith filled parish, where all feel welcome and where a sense of belonging is fostered.

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Child Protection

As a Parish Community we endeavour to safeguard the children within our care, In this regard we have launched a Child Protection Policy and have posted our Statement in that regard on the notice boards in our three Churches and meeting rooms. Read more here....



Getting Married...Fr. Alex Conlan PP

Couples in preparation for Marriage always require Letters of Freedom along with Baptismal and Confirmation Certs.

Please note that Letters of Freedom which are important Church documents should be requested by the person themselves and not a parent and from the relevant priest direct.

Couples who have arranged to get married in the parish during this coming year and whom I may not have met or spoken to are asked to give me a call - Phone (01) 282 6404.

While a booking form may have been completed, I would like the opportunity to meet or speak with couples involved as early as possible. This will make sure all Church concerns are dealt with well in advance arid avoid complications that may arise.

A few days notice is also required for all Certificates and Letters. 

Meantime, check this website out...http://www.gettingmarried.ie/pages/index.php

More great information here...http://www.accord.ie


Please note..

Couples intending to marry are reminded at least three months notice must be given to the parish in which you intend to marry. 

Letters of Freedom and Pre-Nuptial Enquiry along with Baptism and Confirmation Certs must be completed in advance. Couples must complete some of these forms themselves and it is not sufficient to send ‘Mum’.

It has become necessary to introduce set fees for the use of any of our three Churches.

Different fees apply to those who are parishioners than those who are not. This has been necessary as some in the past have left without any donation to the parish or the priest. This fee will be requested a month in advance. 

Hall Rental

The Parish have meeting rooms and halls available for low rent to groups or organisations.
More information;
Parish Office 282 2657
Fr. Alex Conlan P.P. 282 6404

Care & Support