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Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a living and faith filled parish, where all feel welcome and where a sense of belonging is fostered.

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Child Protection

As a Parish Community we endeavour to safeguard the children within our care, In this regard we have launched a Child Protection Policy and have posted our Statement in that regard on the notice boards in our three Churches and meeting rooms. Read more here....


2017 Newsletter #18

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time
No. 18/17 - 25th June 2017

Off-loading the Baggage

As one who is in the process of preparation to move house I am only too aware of the ‘Baggage’. Yes, ‘baggage’ is something we all accumulate over the years and when one discovers items still in the boxes for the past 9 years or filing cabinet for 30 its time to discard or recycle. Like many its easy falling into the trap of ‘sure I might need or use it someday!’ That ‘someday’ never comes!

At a time of year when many people travel on holidays ‘baggage’ again becomes a problem! Not so bad perhaps if you are going by car and can throw it all in the boot with no weight restrictions. The question when you booked your flight was ‘will I use a 10kg carry on or book a 15 or 20kg check in bag which can cost as much as €80 extra?’ Sure you would buy a lot of t-shirts and extras for that! We can find ourselves lugging our baggage through airports, racing to the next gate for a connecting flight. It’s a great relief when we are able to stow it away or check it in! Phew!

That same relief comes when we let go of our emotional baggage. For some their baggage carts are overloaded with all the stuff they can’t shake loose – a hurtful comment or action, a relapse from sobriety. It can weigh someone down and prevent them from joyful living. Carrying your luggae can be emotionally exhausting. Check it in with Jesus. He is the Master Baggage Handler! At every Mass we can turn to Jesus by placing our hurts in his hands. We can ask him to say the words we need to hear, and then listen as he heals us with those words. Words like forgive, trust, accept, love, compassion. Or phrases like let it go, slow down, be kind to yourself, try again, persevere. Give Jesus all the Bags. There is no reason to keep lugging them around.

Whatever stage you may be on your life’s journey have a review of the ‘baggage’ or ‘clutter’ that at times swamps you and weighs you down. Yes, it can be hard to part with things but then our posessions own us rather than we owning them. Materials things can be recycled but the emotional needs a little TLC.

When packing the bag for a weekend away or a long haul flight travel light and as we journey in life the lighter we travel the sweeter the journey!

Farewell Mass
A Mass of Thanksgiving for the 9 Year Ministry of Fr. Alex among us will be celebrated on Monday 31st July at 6p.m. in the Parish Church. This will be followed by a reception in Killiney Castle Hotel. All are invited to attend both the Mass and Reception. An opportunity will be given in the coming weeks to determine the numbers for the hotel which will be necessary in advance. Children are most welcome to the Mass and reception. There is no charge for those who wish to attend the reception and some might offer lifts to those who do not have transport.

Parking outside Parish Church
As you are aware this is an ongoing saga which has not been helped by the erection of the unnecessary signage which was done without the courtesy of consultation by the local authority some months ago. The ownership of the road had been denied and now accepted by the council. A meeting on site with an official insisted the council had no authority over the road. This was followed up with a letter stating this fact from a Council official to my legal representative. We continued to pursue the justification for the signs with no satisfaction. On 4th May we received a further letter from the same official stating “I am writing to confirm that the Council is maintaining this laneway”. One might be inclined to say “here I rest my case” but NO, this is an ongoing problem and I encourage parishioners to make representation for our historic right of over 150 years to park on this roadway from the days of the horse and cart to motorised vehicles. Regrettably some parishioners parking there last Sunday were verbally abused and on returning to their cars after Mass discovered that their window wipers and door mirrors had been interfered with.

World Meeting of Families 2018
Our Volunteer Application Process is now open! In excess of 1,500 people have already expressed an interested in volunteering. Now we are ready to start registering you through our new online application process. Everyone who has expressed an interest in volunteering will need to fill in their volunteer application form.. Have a read and please keep spreading the word and apply to volunteer: www.worldmeeting2018.ie/volunteer.
Applicants to volunteer must be residents of the island of Ireland at the time of application and be over 18 years of age, as of 1st January 2018 (or as part of a group), among other terms and conditions. Volunteers can also help in the lead up to the event in the main offices of WMOF2018

World Apostolate of Fatima
Eucharistic Vigil In Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Johnstown on next Friday 30th June starting with Holy Hour at 7.30p.m. and finishing with Mass at 9.30p.m. Rosary, Confession, Torchlight Procession. All Welcome.

Please Note
The distribution of any literature including Catholic Newspapers is not permitted in the Church grounds without prior permission. Some people have felt intimidated by this as they leave Mass.

The Sacrament of Baptism
Baptism is celebrated on the 1st Saturday of the month at 3.30p.m. in Ss Alphonsus & Columba Church Ballybrack and on the 3rd Saturday at 3.30p.m. in St. Columbanus Church Loughlinstown. Meeting for parents and godparents in advance on the 3rd Wednesday of the month before at 7.30p.m. in the Meeting Room at the Church of the Apostles. Please book early as our numbers are restricted for each celebration. Bookings at the Sacristy only.

Pathways – Exploring Faith and Ministry
An Adult Faith Development Programme  The programme begins this year in Clonliffe College on Thursday 28th  September 2017 7.00p.m. – 9.30 p.m.).  Booking is now open. Places are limited so early application is advisable. Pathways is a two-year one night a week course for adults of all ages wish to explore their faith.  It runs from late September to May each year. There are no exams and no written work.  The only requirement is an openness to listening to others and to participate.  You can just come along and enjoy! The cost is €400 for the coming year which may be paid in instalments.  Some sponsorship may be available for those of limited means. For more information please visit your webpage: www.evangelisation.ie or contact: Eileen Houlahan, CHF, PhD, Director, Pathways Programme, Clonliffe College, Clonliffe Road, Dublin, DO3 P2E7.  Phone : 01 8379253 Ext 294 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q. What is the difference between a church bell and a pickpocket?
A. One peals from the steeple, the other steals from the people.

Q. Why was Noah the first businessman mentioned in the Bible?
A. Because he floated a company when the rest of the world was under liquidation.

Q. Why are the Ten Commandments so brief?
A. Because they didn’t come through a committee.

Q. What did Noah do in the dark?
A. He switched on the floodlights.

Q. At what time of day was Adam created?
A. A little before Eve.

Ballybrack – Killiney - Loughlinstown

Fr. Alex Conlan Moderator, Parochial House, Ballybrack 2826404
Fr. Tom Dalzell SM Curate, 10 The Oaks, Loughlinstown 2826895

Parish Office in Caritas Centre, Parochial House open on
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10.15a.m. to 12.15p.m.
2822657 e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Parish website www.ballybrack-killiney-parish.org

Parish Office, Loughlinstown Church
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8 to 10a.m. Tuesday & Thursday 8 to 12.30
2824085 e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Parish Website www.loughlinstownparish.ie

Ballybrack – Killiney Parish Mass Times
Sunday Vigil Mass
St. Stephen’s Church at 6p.m.

Sunday Morning Masses
Ss Alphonsus & Columba Church at 10a.m.

Church of the Apostles 12noon.

Weekday Masses
At 10a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Ss Alphonsus & Columba Church and on Tuesday and Thursday in Church of the Apostles

Confession is available on
Saturday from 4.30p.m. to 5.30p.m. in the Parish Church.

Rosary Group Meet every Friday night at 8p.m. in the Meeting Room at
Church of the Apostles.

Loughlinstown Parish Mass Times
St. Columbanus Church
Sunday Vigil Mass at 6p.m. and Sunday Morning Mass at 11a.m.
Weekday Mass Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.30a.m.
Morning Prayer Monday 8.50a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9.20a.m.

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Hall Rental

The Parish have meeting rooms and halls available for low rent to groups or organisations.
More information;
Parish Office 282 2657
Fr. Alex Conlan P.P. 282 6404

Care & Support